Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's Morality !?!

I came up with this thought while in church, and if you look at my sabbath doodle post below you'll see the original sketch. Anyway, I often wonder about the decline of moral values. It now seems as if the world has been so skewed that no one really knows what morality is. Thus my small illo demonstrating the thought. Hope you like. Done in Illustrator


michael foster said...

nice character and expression. good message as well.

Tony Fisher said...

I believe morality is relative. Right and Wrong are often not so black and white. As a previous church attendee for several years now gone AWOL, I sort of thought and mulled this over myself. I'd like to talk about this in more detail myself....., now you got my brains all itchy, and q-tips don't reach that far...

Anonymous said...

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