Friday, February 03, 2006

Sketchy Character ideas

1. This guy is gonna be some samurai jack spin-off. He's not so much concerned about getting home as he is leaving the disgusting planet that he finds himself on.

2. His name is marbles and he holds the lost scroll of Nambiki faru. He's not the brightest kid on the block so he get's into some situations that most normat giprats would.

3. This guy is a Maurikyan from the planet Snubdar. He's just an average joe getting by in a dead end job situation. Here he's waking up and getting the day started.

4. This guy is part of a Snobby race of aliens who eat with their buttucks. He's sitting on a plate of food grubbing. Since he eats with his lower half the waste no doubt comes out his mouth... but they think everyone else has a problem.

Anyway... hope you guys like.

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