Friday, September 01, 2006

Trent Strong

I came across an old project, that I may update and revamp. The characters name is trent strong, and I've had a number of developments for this particular character over the years. I may revisit my original designs for this and ad some animation.

This is an intro animation (definitely nothing special). This was when I was first learning flash... I may post my first ever flash project as well. At the time I was over joyed with the results... now... I'm shooting for higher heights : )


Andre Barnwell said...

definately feeling ur creative starters and yes i wanna see more. I also took a look at your website ...very nice presentation and works Its a very well put together portfolio

lafe said...

thanks andre... hopefully i can put together some animations as well as yours : )

trent said...

hi my name really is trent strong