Thursday, November 16, 2006


Couldn't quite come up with an adequate name for this guy as of yet... maybe later.

I'm still practicing animation and this guy may be a test subject. Done in Flash.


Tony Fisher said...

Pretty cool. How about doing a turnaround of this guy?

I'd like to see how you drew his posture and body composition in Flash too. Hopefully I'll be more comfortable with flash one day to do something like this!

lafe said...

Hey Tony how's it going?

I thought about doing one of him. I more than likely will once I start animating him. At the moment I need to finish some other characters.

The best way to get comfortable in flash is to keep drawing and using the program. And never be afraid to fail.

Sam Wilson said...

Excellent character and cool touch to add the filled-in version as to focus on the shape.

I would second the advice about not being afraid to fail in Flash. Most of my Flash work are the failures resulting from attempts to do something else. Also if Flash has taught me anything it is that Flash controls me not the other way around. :)

deRek M said...

Hey Lafe! Can't wait to see your characters move. Your stuff is looking very nice.