Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflection on a Year

Yes it’s that time for new years resolutions and soon to be broken promises. The old cliche’ of starting anew.  What promises have you made this year?

Like the vast majority of Americans, I have geared my mind toward change this season and for the new year. I want to be a better me, for myself, for my family, for my business and for my God. Although for me it’s not so much of a new years resolution as much as it is having time to think.

Like many of you, I took off for the holidays. Since most of our clients weren’t going to be working, Lamar (my business partner) and I decided that we should take a very much needed break from the hustle of bustle of hustling long hours and spend time with our families. This break from being in the hamster wheel of business not only allowed me to get some rest, but it granted me some time to reflect.

During my vacation I was able to reflect on my current situation and truly take inventory of myself and my place in this world. My days off allowed me to think long and hard on some much needed self improvements, set some goals for my business, myself and my family as well as make some plans on how to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

Don’t get me wrong my days off weren’t all philosophical thinking and pondering of the universe, I had fun spending much needed time with my wife and children, not to mention spending a few days being vegged out in front of the TV playing video games.

On this new years eve, instead of taking more time off and preparing for the new year, I’m working on implementing those reflective thoughts into action.


Marh said...

We need to buy the domain and make this your own blog. :)

Marh said...
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Anonymous said...

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