Thursday, January 05, 2006

Samson Design and Redesign

Decided to do a Samson character after watching hercules and some other cartoons... I didn't want to do herc but wanted to do a strong character so I decided to go Bible and do a biblical strongman. I chose to do hercules but didn't want to give him the typical 'white guy' look but wanted to make him look like the peoples of his time..a sort of olive complexion. I thought of giving him some dreds based off a descriotion I heard years ago. Anyway, I made a sketch and colored. After looking at the sketch for a few moments... I realized that I didn't quite like how he looked, so I decided to give him a more earthy feel and make him more robust...just to show some griddiness. I thought about possible animation, but his story is not nescessarily a happy ending... anyway this is my design for now... I may color him & clean some of the rough edges so to speak.


Joshua Ritchie said...

That's tight!

production said...

Good stuff. Thanks for a nice blog.