Friday, January 20, 2006

Tre' and O.Beese

The 2 main characters from another project I started a while back. I sketched these up today. Right now, all I have for the story is a colection of sketches... I had an animated intro, but decided not to post it since it's old and the characters have changed since. I've not had the motivation to animate this as of yet. At one point I was working on scripting, with a friend, but he has since left the picture and it's back to being my story again..which is cool, but it's still hard to get motivated to work on. Enough rambling... I hope you like.

I sketched this in PS...I would like to finish, but I have a slew of other sketches that I feel somewhat the same way about... only time will tell.

Maybe with a little prompting, I'll refine and finish.

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