Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This'll be my last post for this week. This guy is called Bubby, cause I couldn't think of anything else. He has a very passive taste in colors, but don't let his demure girlish color selection fool ya. He's 300 pounds of bone crushing masculinity.


MGBEERS said...

Love your style! Your characters have life to them and that is something I still am working on capturing better! :-) thanks for the inspiration!

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Justin Rodrigues said...

i didn't know you had a blog man. I am loving the stuff i'm seeing and this guy looks great. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words.

Marcelo said...

Hi Lafe,
Thanks for the kind words. I translated the text and posted on my blog.
Excellent work with Bubby. love the character.


lafe said...

thanks for the comments guys... good looking out marcelo

topher said...

hhahahah! You mind if I do a fanart of him?

lafe said...

be my guest