Friday, April 21, 2006

Shaft Char color #1

Continuing in my Shaft themed cartoon. I haven't a name for this guy yet. He's more or less a Preppy kinda gangster, at least in dress. I thought about doing some panels for this, but not sure if time will allow.

Image done entirely in PS


Jayenti Collins said...

hey lafe! i saw you made it over to my other blog this morning. glad you could! i have been busy over there because i'm motivated to get past the stages of being mediocre. let's hope i can get good soon!

you're stuff is looking awesome! all of your sketches have great energy and i love this pic. great colors, great shapes, great job!!

i'm excited to see more from you!


Justin Rodrigues said...

great stuff man...i especially love all the've inspired me to play with photoshop more.

lafe said...

thanks for the comments guys